One Last Sunrise

The vampire hunter collapsed. He didn’t even know where he was. Some abandoned warehouse on the waterfront. His arm was broken. He knew that much. He was bleeding internally. He had barely gotten away from the monster responsible and he knew he didn’t have much time.

He checked his coat.

One grenade. Not much good against the undead.

He spied a wooden chair and considered breaking off a leg, but didn’t think he could manage it with one arm. He wasn’t sure he could even get back up.

A second later it didn’t matter. The monster appeared in the door.

The Vampire Hunter threw the grenade, because why not. He was about to die anyway. By the time it arced across the warehouse the monster was on top of him.

The vampire seized his throat and lifted him off the ground.

“Any last words?” it growled.

The hunter gasped for air. His head rolled back and as he looked up at the ceiling he smiled.

“Good morning,” he croaked.

The grenade went off, crumbling the wall on the far side of the building.

The monster dropped him as the sun crept over the horizon, and as his eyes closed the hunter saw his enemy’s ashes giving way to one last sunrise.

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